Select Poems

“flaming flood”

when you first touched

the very clouds shook

as the fire drowned you

in its fierce bright flames


it was love,

a love like you’d never known

and it burned so bright

it blinded both of you

so you lost your way

and you lost one another


yet even now

the thought of that first touch

sends a shiver through your soul

that you can never deny

and frankly, never should


life is life

the past is the past

—except when it’s so present—

you’re allowed your memories

so long as they don’t

restart that wildfire

and burn down

the house you’ve built

so lovingly and happily

since the flaming flood subsided

“whispers in the storm”

pooled water

reflects the green canopy

broken vision

spreads in rings

the leaves

shaking themselves

dry in the wind


there’s no going out now

the rain has dampened

your enthusiasm for a stroll

beneath the fading stars

and turned it into hunger

an urge for something primal


smiles merge

tears vanish

the rain falls outside

but there’s none in here

just your soft smiles

and in a while, whispers

in the storm’s dimmed light

giving way


the sunshine

beaming up at me

from your loving face

is enough

to light my world

for years to come


whatever it is

lying between us

that still burns

I bask, grateful

in its warm light